Payment Solutions for Retailers

Constant change within the Electronic Payments Industry, both in innovation and regulatory compliance, make it difficult for many retailers to keep pace. Combined with the rising costs of equipment, software, and interchange fees, the cost of payments is frequently beyond what many budgets can tolerate. Implementation of new enhancements such as gift card programs, are too often excluded from these already strained budgets.

Additionally, card usage continues to increase as financial institutions continue to add services and incentives for consumers to use these methods of payment.  Demographic shifts indicate that consumers value the convenience of electronic payments. Many of our clients report transaction levels exceeding 50% for just credit, and debit, alone. Adding checks, ECC, and gift cards puts electronic transactions at or above the 70% level.

With all the innovation and change within the payments industry today, it keeping pace and delivering a comprehensive payments program is a growing challenge.  Today most POS providers focus on inventory, price, promotion management and balancing.  Keeping pace with the ever changing payment landscape is important but not a top priority.  While electronic payments were once strictly credit and debit transactions, they now include EBT, gift cards, electronic check conversion, flexible spending accounts, Blackhawk cards, phone cards, Smart WIC, and the list goes on and on . . . .

MTXEPS specializes entirely on the payments industry and more specifically on the requirements of the retailer community as it relates to payments. Lowering the cost and giving control of payments to our users are not just catch phrases at MTX. They are our mantra that we design and enhance our solutions by every day. Our focus and commitment to these goals are the reasons that 15,000+ stores are taking advantage of solutions from MTX today and tomorrow.